Making a Drawing in Elluminate, then using it in Word

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This lesson explains how to make a drawing using the Elluminate Whiteboard, save that drawing, and then paste it into a Word document

Go to your Elluminate Room

First you will need access to an Elluminate room. Your instructor may have made one available for your class. UAS students, faculty and staff can also create an Elluminate room on their portfolio page. You will be able to be moderator in your own Elluminate room but probably not in another’s room. These instructions do not require you to be moderator. Go to your Elluminate room and sign in.

Use the whiteboard tools to make a drawing


When you enter the Elluminate room you’ll see your name on the left ( 1). On the right you’ll see the whiteboard (2) which has a palette of tools on its left (3).

Use the tools to make a drawing on the whiteboard


You can use the tools to make a drawing on the whiteboard. Useful tools include the pen tool (1), the text or textbox tools (2), the shape tools which let you draw circles and rectangles (3), and the line tool (4).

The "select" tool (5) which looks like an arrow lets you select previously drawn object or text and move it.

The Select and Erase Tools


The "select" tool (1) which looks like an arrow lets you select previously drawn object or text and move it. Click on this tool and then click on the object or text you wish to select.

After an object is selected you can hit the "delete" key to remove it from the whiteboard. You can eraser tool (2) to entirely clear the whiteboard.

Changing colors


When you choose the pen, highlighter, or shape tools you will get a color palette at the bottom to choose the color and line thickness. The color palette also appears after you select previously drawn objects or text (using the select or arrow tool)

Insert an image


You can insert an image from file was well. Use the tool that looks like a small photograph . Click on this tool and a dialog box will open that lets you browse and find a file on your computer. This should be an image file – on a PC it will be .jpg, .gif or .png file format. The buttons next to the image tool let you insert clipart or capture an image from your computer screen.

Browse to find your file then click Load


Browse to find your image file. Select the file (1) and you will see a preview of it (2). Then click the Load button (3)

The picture should be small if possible – large file sizes will take a long time to load. It is recommended that you resize photos from your digital camera before trying to load them.

Place the picture on the whiteboard


After you click load you’ll see the picture on the whiteboard – it is "floating" and attached to your cursor. This may take a while if the file size of the picture is large. When you click you will place the picture on the whiteboard.

It your picture is too large to fit on the whiteboard then you will want to place it off-center so that at least one corner is on the whiteboard. After you click to place the picture you’ll see a black outline with small boxes on the corners (1). Click on the small corner box and "drag" to resize the picture. Then click in the center of the picture and drag to move the whole picture onto the whiteboard. You may need to do this repeatedly for very large pictures – it is better to resize them before you load them to the whiteboard.

You can combine images and text


You can combine images, text and drawn objects. When you are finished with your drawing you are ready to save it to your computer in order to insert it into a word processing document.

From the File menu choose Save and then Whiteboard


From the File menu on the upper left move your mouse cursor over Save – a flyout menu will appear. Move your mouse over to Whiteboard and then click.

Save as Whiteboard PNG file


When the dialog box comes up to let you save your whiteboard you will want to choose Whiteboard PNG (*.png) as the file format (1). PNG is a graphics format similar to jpg or gif). Click Save (2). When asked, choose to save the "Current Screen". Browse to where you want to save your image file and click OK.

Insert the image into a Word document


Now you are ready to insert your picture into a Word document. Open the document you are editing and click where you want your picture to be inserted. Then (in Word 2003) from the Insert menu choose Picture and then From File. Click on the words From File.

Browse to where you saved your picture and insert it


Browse to where you saved your picture, select the picture (1) and click Insert (2)

Continue editing your Word document


Your picture is now inserted in your Word document! You can now continue editing the document. You can use this method to insert drawings and annotated pictures into Word. It is preferable to using the drawing tools because sometimes those drawings do not appear correctly when the Word document is read by someone using a different version of Word. By making a single image file using the Elluminate room you can ensure your drawing appears correctly to everyone!

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